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I found this to have been an extraordinary experience, very gratifying.  Probably one of the most positive medical experiences I’ve had in my entire 72 years of life.  I couldn’t imagine being more satisfied with Dr. Gonsalves’ sincerity, honesty, candor, and directness.  It strikes me as well that the members of the staff hold the same views and values as Dr. Gonsalves.

Professional, efficient, and reliable.  My urgent condition was handled promptly.

Dr. Gonsalves is the BEST! He is a 10!

It’s been only a few weeks since I met the doctor, and my life is not the same. I can now walk and am glad I got the care I did.

I feel 100% better. My leg looks fantastic! I’m going to wear my daisy duke shorts in the summer!
Arlene L.

I would recommend this practice to anyone and everyone I know. They are the best around.

Dr. Pare has a very easy-going manner, which instantly put my mom at ease. He possesses none of that arrogant attitude that you sometimes find in surgeons, yet he presents himself as a confident doctor. He was very patient with my mom, and he took the time to fully explain her upcoming procedure, giving us ample time for questions. He came to us highly recommended by a very well-known and very highly respected nephrologist in the Merrimack Valley. It’s difficult for a layman to rate his skill; however, I can confirm that the surgery went very well, as expected and without complications and was tolerated well by my mom who was awake for the hour-long surgery.