Vascular and Vein Associates

Patient Preparation for Surgery

  • While in the office, please sign the Surgical Consent Form for the hospital.
  • Our office will give you a copy of the signed Surgical Consent Form and the date and time of your surgery.
    • Please note that the time of your surgery is an estimate, as it could change as the operating room has to shuffle times to accommodate urgent bookings.
  • Our office will schedule the surgery with the hospital.
  • You will get a phone call from the hospital to schedule your Pre-Admission Testing.  Pre-Admission Testing occurs the week prior to your scheduled surgery.
    • Pre Admission Testing typically includes:
      • Discussion and/or meeting with Anesthesiologist
      • Labwork
      • EKG
      • Chest X-Ray
  • On the evening prior to your scheduled surgery, you will receive a phone call from the hospital with last minute instructions to make your surgery day and preparation as smooth as possible.
    • These instructions may include, but are not limited to:
      • Time you should arrive to the hospital on the day of surgery
      • Time you should stop eating the evening before
      • Whether or not to take which medications and when
  • After your surgery, you will receive instructions from the hospital prior to being discharged.  Typically the physician will advise if and when he would like to see you back in the office for follow-up.  He will prescribe necessary medications as well.
  • You may contact our office at any time should you have questions or concerns.